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Our SEO tecniques increase your chances of being seen on search engines like Google and Yahoo

More traffic means more potential customers which spells success for your business

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 Custom Wordpress Website optimized for mobile  Custom Wordpress Website optimized for mobile
 Website Hosting maintained by DurbDev. Wordpress powered by GoDaddy  Website Hosting maintained by DurbDev. Wordpress powered by GoDaddy
 Email Monitoring/Spam Filtering  Email Monitoring/Spam Filtering
 1 Developement Hours per Month  3 Developement Hours per Month
 Create or optimize metadata/meta tags/headers/OG tag
 Establish and maintain a web presence
 Custom Google analytics reports and Search Console validation
 2 Rounds of Revisions

Did you know that WordPress makes up about 34% of all websites?

At Durban Developement we are experts at designing and maintaining WordPress sites. WordPress features open source code, advanced security measures and a growing worldwide community who trust and use it every day. These options make it an excellent choice for your Content Managment System. It is ideal for blog sites, small businesses and even large scale e-commerce sites. It is trusted and used by many mega corporations such as Disney, Target, Time Magazine, Sony and even Facebook. With Durban Developement monitoring your site, you are free to focus on running your business, knowing we can immediately address any issues that may arise.

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Mobile First Design

At Durban Developement our business is making sure your website is top notch no matter what device it is being veiwed on. We test each site to make sure it is optimized for use on all size monitors, tablets and smart phones. This is an important step that can easily be overlooked to a website’s detriment. More people than ever surf the web and conduct business right from their smart phones. We make sure when those people visit your that site everything, such as the menu, shopping cart and contact form look great and work flawlessly.

Support That is Actually Supportive

In a perfect world, no website would ever have a problem. In the mean time Durban Developement is here to help you. Most of the time we catch the problem as soon as it arises and fix it. If, however, you see something on your site that isn’t working or looking right, just let us know and we will fix the problem immediately. Our small, tightly knit staff allows us work directly with our clients. We never outsource our customer service, which means you will be in contact with a person who is familiar with your particular site.


Updated and Backed Up

Two of the most important aspects of running a successful website are updating it’s plugins and backing up your site. With Durban Developement you can focus your energy elsewhere knowing that we will take care of these critical tasks for you. Plus we backup your site monthly so you never have to worry should the unthinkable happen.

Custom Branding That's Affordable

Durban Developement will create a custom logo for your business as well as a color scheme and font style that matches your new or existing logo. This helps with brand recognition by potential customers and breeds a sense of familiarity with your product or service. This type of service often fetches quite a high price since it requires artistic and technical know-how. Our branding services are very affordable in comparison, even when starting from scratch. If you already have a logo that just needs to be made available online, we can do that too!


Still Not Sure If Durban Developement is for You?

Feel free to contact us for more details and to get a better sense of who we are and what we do. We will explain things as plainly and with as much detail as you need. We encourage you to shop around because we are confident that our prices are beyond competitive. At Durban Developement, we don’t speak to you in highly technical terms you may not understand so we can charge you more than is fair. Perhaps the best part of Durban Developement is that your site is your own and you will never be asked to sign a service contract that binds you to us for any length of time. Other web developement companies will create a site for you but they actually own it and should you choose to break with them, they keep your site. With Durban Developement you own the site, as well as any social media accounts we created for you. Should you become uphappy with our work you can simply take your site with you completely intact. Just ask the other developement companies if they offer that same deal. We can do this because we know how low our prices are and how well we perform for our clients.